The Simplified Notation app for Sheet Music

SNapp is an internet browser application that converts MusicXML files to sheet music with WYSIWYP notation and displays them on a handheld device or personal computer.  As a browser app, it is available on all screen devices for Windows, Linux, Android, and Apple operating systems.  Because it is open-source, it is available to any developer who would like to embellish it.  The goal is to make this technology available to as wide a target audience as possible.

Starting SNapp

As a web app, the browser on your device must have an internet connection.  The internet connection is needed only to load the app into the browser and is subsequently not needed to convert MusicXML files to sheet music.  If the browser (or the tab containing the app) is closed, the app will have to be reloaded from the internet.  Here is the URL:        This URL opens the SNapp Home page.

The SNapp Home page

The first time you try SNapp you may not already have a MusicXML file to open.  To get a sample file, click on "download sample MusicXML files" to go to the WYSIWYP site music files page.  See below.

Clicking on "open Sheet Music from a MusicXML file" lets you navigate on your device to select the MusicXML file.   If you downloaded one from the WYSIWYP site then navigate to your browser's download folder.  (FYI compressed files will have the extension .mxl while the uncompressed files have .musicxml.   Either is acceptable.)  

Select your file and SNapp then opens the Sheet Music page (see below) with the sheet music displayed in WYSIWYP notation.  

The WYSIWYP site music files page

This page allows you to preview Sheet Music PDF files to see what they will look like when displayed in SNapp.    Pick one of the compressed MusicXML files and click the download text.   The compressed MusicXML file will have a file extension .xml.   The MusicXML file is downloaded to your browser's download folder.   A pdf file can be optionally downloaded as well from your pdf viewer, e.g., Adobe Acrobat. 

The Sheet Music page

Click here to get a complete description of this page.

Future enhancement to SNapp

SNapp is currently a prototype but it has sufficient functionality for an evaluation of all the changes to Traditional Notation implemented by WYSIWYP.  It also implements the most important notational elements in scores that are used by beginning students of music.  It is currently limited to  sheet music for a single instrument.  Below is a relatively prioritized list of planned changes at some time in the future.  it should be added that none of these are likely to be easy to implement.