Practice playing from the G position

After you have practiced playing the chords in the previous lesson, try out this first tune.  Here's how it sounds.

This is not so well known so take a listen.  

 And yet another tune.  No audio available for this one.

And one final note (so to speak).  As was described in the previous lesson, the base C position notes, C to G, and the base G position notes, G to B, have the same interval counts between successive notes.  And the corresponding piano keyboard segments look the same.  So you can actually go back to any of the tunes in the course up through "Playing the C Major Chord" and play them on the G position.  You simply slide your hands up or down from the C position.   Of course the sheet music doesn't match so this may be too confusing to attempt.  The early tunes are pretty simple, so if you memorize them then you can do this without sheet music.