Impediments to learning with WYSIWYP

You cannot walk down to your local music store and buy sheet music in WYSIWYP format, or even order it on the internet.   However you can find digital music files in the MusicXML format on the internet or you can create your own.  These files may then be displayed as virtual sheet music on your handheld device screen in WYSIWYP format,  This is accomplished with the Simplified Notation app for Sheet Music (SNapp).  

At this time, there are no instructors or instruction materials in the WYSIWYP format (except that there are examples of the latter on this website).  However, there is a world of music instruction videos available on YouTube for playing techniques for all instruments.   However some of these may require music reading skills of traditional notation.  Thus in these cases, to take advantage of them, extra effort is required to translate the traditional notation to WYSIWYP format.  In addition, there is yet another world of music instruction books that are available at your local music store.  It is possible to scan traditional notation from these and have it converted to a MusicXML file for input to SNapp.  

And then there's bucking tradition.  The automobile was ridiculed by some because transportation by actual horse power was just the way it was traditionally done even if it was a lot more work.  You can expect push back from those who toiled to learn traditional notation and who will not accept that there's another way to learn to play music.  And for now don't expect to find a music teacher who will tolerate you using this notation under their guiding hand.  However, for those who like to be on the cutting edge, here is your chance to be a trailblazer and possibly a promoter.