Target audience 

This new simplified notation is aimed at beginning students of music. The goal is to make it possible to spend more time learning to play an instrument and less time studying notation. And being a new notation, there are no instructors available to teach beginning students to use it. So at this time, the audience is limited to those with enough maturity to learn to read music with WYSIWYP via self-study without outside guidance.

Within the target audience there are three subgroups:

Students who gave up playing an instrument due to frustration with traditional notation (TN). WYSIWYP gives these students the opportunity to develop music playing skills without having to study TN at the same time. After some proficiency and confidence in the playing, the student may then want to focus on reading TN to get back in the mainstream.

New students wanting to "test drive" playing an instrument.

Some students may not want to sign up for music lessons before deciding that playing an instrument is something to which they really want to commit. Once "hooked", they can then switch to TN and perhaps engage a music instructor.

Students wanting to have fun playing an instrument without any intention of ever learning TN. Some students, and perhaps those of a certain age, just want the pleasure of playing an instrument without any intention of ever becoming a "serious" musician. These folks just want an easy path to fulfilling that desire.

And finally, who is not the audience

There is no intention of trying to convert musicians who have already paid the price for learning traditional notation because there would be no benefit to them. That is, unless they want to help their children or grandchildren learn to play music in a less stressful way with WYSIWYP and as a result feel that learning to play an instrument is fun and not drudgery.