The Future of WYSIWYP

Bottom up  vs top down approach

There is no music czar to decree what notations are "official".  The acceptance of any alternative music notation will only happen when it spreads like a meme on the internet.  If enough students find that this is an effective solution to the challenge of learning to read traditional notation, then it will spread though individual testimonials.   If it the idea goes viral, then eventually private music instructors will adopt it as a way to attract and retain more students.  And then perhaps it will inspire music instructors to adopt it..  Having more music students who remain longer with their studies, is a win for private instructors, school teachers, musical instrument manufacturers, and perhaps eventually for sheet music publishers.  

Open source

SNapp is an open source app meaning that any software developer has access to the source code to enhance it or use it as a base for creating another app.  The design and concepts behind WYSIWYP are not patented or copyrighted.  The goal is to spread the opportunities for a simplified notation to all new students of music. 

Functional limitations

As a beta version of SNapp,  all of the basic "what to play" notation is currently implemented. While it is believed this is sufficient to get a beginning student of music started, not every single traditional notational element, the "how to play" notation, has yet been implemented (see list below).  However, it is planned that all will be implemented as the app evolves.   The development priorities of the WYSIWYP project is to implement first those notational elements used most frequently by beginning students of music.  Some of the major categories for the future include:

In addition there is an ongoing list of future enhancements to overcome some current limitations in SNapp as well as the addition of more User Preferences and improved sheet music display features.

Availability of MusicXML

Over time, it is hoped that a wider acceptance of the WYSIWYP technique will lead to a consolidation of available MusicXML files that are free or for purchase.  Until then, this site will continue to provide links to additional sources as they are discovered.

Availability of instructors, instruction materials, and online videos

It is also a goal of the WYSIWYP initiative to support training resources that will enable the use of this new notation to expand and flourish.  Links to these will be published on this web site.