Alternative Notations in general

My pitch for research in Alternative Notations in general

The MNMA Research Project

the Music Notation Modernization Association (MNMA)

WYSIWYP design and project

The WYSIWYP design on the Music Notation Modernization Association (MNMA) wiki page

WYSIWYP Project prototype website

WYSIWYP color-coded chords

WYSIWYP Chromatic Look on a Diatonic Staff

SNapp screen device prototype app

Research and other references

The Magic Number Seven, Plus or Minus 2

MNMA Research Project high level summary

MNMA Research Project details 

Cognitive research on graphic tempo

Problems reading intervals in Traditional Notation

Reading and Playing Music by Intervals

Here's an Alternative Notation that does have instructional materials for beginning students.  This notation was designed by one of the founding members of the Music Notation Modernization Association John Keller.  He uses his notation and materials in his student instruction on the piano.   Express Stave

The MuseScore website has a wide range of scores available for download; scores in the public domain are free while others require a membership subscription.